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60th Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2021)

17-19 août 2021

Virtual online conference


17-19 août 2021


Virtual online conference

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Advances in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Technical Program

Mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, materials processing, physical and Mechanical metallurgy, light metals, materials properties and performance, Corrosion, Materials and Manufacturing, Materials and the Environment.

Celebrating 60 years of comprehensive technical programming at the Conference of Metallurgists online.

Welcome to COM 2021: Advances in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. This conference marks the 60th year that the Annual Conference of Metallurgists and MetSoc have provided comprehensive technical programming in the field of metallurgy. To celebrate this milestone, COM 2021 will offer a broad range of topics in hydrometallurgy, light metals, materials and manufacturing, mineral processing, pyrometallurgy and sustainability. The conference will provide an international forum for both industrial and academic researchers to meet and discuss recent advances in the field. It give us great pleasure to invite you to contribute and participate digitally to COM 2021.


Stephen Corbin
Stephen Corbin, Dalhousie University COM 2021 Chair

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