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Programme de développement des professionnels émergents

Le programme de développement des professionnels émergents crée des opportunités pour les jeunes métallurgistes ou scientifiques des matériaux.

Pendant deux ans, les professionnels émergents (EP) peuvent participer aux activités de MetSoc. Ils pourront contribuer à la communauté professionnelle. Ils seront inspirés pour devenir de futurs leaders dans leur domaine.

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L'appel à candidatures est OUVERT pour 2024. La date limite est le 12 février 2024

Une journée dans la vie d'un EP

  • Présente un exposé lors d’une conférence
  • Revoit des articles pour des conférences
  • Participe à l’organisation de sessions de posters
  • Aide à l’organisation de cours de courte durée
  • Trésorier/secrétaire de la section technique
  • Participe à l’organisation de webinaires
  • Contribue aux entretiens avec les professionnels
  • Participe à la rédaction de bulletins techniques
  • Participe aux activités de la section technique
  • Participe au projet de publications MetSoc à venir

Professionnels émergents actuels

Navid Abaeian

Westpro Machinery Inc. – Mineral processing

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Sima Alidokht

Memorial University – Membership Services

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Aya Benotmane

Hatch Ltd.– Sustainability

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Konstantina Chalastara

Hatch Ltd. – Membership Services

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Maéva Chrzaszcz

Hatch Ltd. – Durabilité

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Linda Qin

Rio Tinto – Hydrométallurgie

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Takshi Sachdeva

Hatch Ltd. – Matériaux

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Candice Simms

Jetti Resources– Hydrométallurgie

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Ashok Srinivasan

METSO OUTOTEC – Sustainability

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

Matthew Tutty

Hatch Ltd. – Mineral Processing

(2023-2024 EP recipient)

May Wee Ang

Sphera Solutions – Sustainability

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Thierno Saidou Barry

Groupe AEM Canada Inc. – Hydrometallurgy

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Matt Boulby

The Metals Company – Pyrométallurgie

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Paulo Gamez Campos

New Gold Inc. – Mineral processing

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Renaud Daenzer

Aurel Systems Inc. – Hydrometallurgy

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Rachel Ko

HATCH – Sustainability

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Mohsen Mohammadijoo

NOVA Chemicals Corporation – Light Metals

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Ibrahim Ogunsanya

University of Toronto – Materials

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Daniela Rossetto

Eddyfi Technologies, Quebec – Sustainability

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Joshua Stroh

School of Engineering, UBC-Okanagan – Light Metals

(2022-2023 EP bénéficiaire)

Hakan Tunc
BBA – Mineral Processing

Shuhong (Max) Shen
Hatch – Materials

Michael Benoit
The University of British Columbia – Light Metals

Sunny Deng
SNC Lavalin – Pyrometallurgy

Alex Cao
Vale Canada Limited – Hydrometallurgy

Abdallah Elsayed
Assistant Professor, University of Guelph – Light Metals

Jessica Hiscocks
Kingston Process Metallurgy – Light Metals

Fangyu Liu
Hatch – Hydrometallurgy

Arthur Stokreef
Glencore – Pyrometallurgy

Douglas Kao
Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) – Sustainability

François Cardin
Zinc électrolytique du Canada limitée – Sustainability

Peng Chang
Teck – Sustainability

Brittany MacKinnon
Hatch – Sustainability

Sable Reid
Rio Tinto – Sustainability

Roberta Neumann
Teck – Sustainability

Lorena Tere
Hatch – Pyrometallurgy
2017, 2020

Raphael Soldi
Sherrit International – Management

Jasmina Omri
Goldcorp Porcupine Gold mines – Mineral Science

Fariba Safizadeh
University Laval – Hydrometallurgy

Yao Yao Ding
Heroux Devtek – Materials

Shannon Hoekstra
SRK Consulting – Hydrometallurgy

François Audet
Foundry Solutions Metallurgical Solutions – Management

Alexander Burns
NORAM Engineering & Constructors, Ltd – Hydrometallurgy

Alison Cummings
Glencore-Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations – Pyrometallurgy

Patrick Gagnon
Tema Isenmann Inc – Mineral Science

Michael Molinski
Vale – Pyrometallurgy

Nishit Patel
Hatch – Pyrometallurgy

Ge Sa
Hatch – Light Metals

Mashael Alomair
Hatch – Materials

Ahmet Deniz Bas
University Laval – Hydrometallurgy

Stewart Cook
Fenix Advanced Materials – Management

Thomas Feldmann
5N Plus Inc – Hydrometallurgy

Sara Fitzel
Teck – Environment

David Levasseur
Centre de metallurgies du Québec – Light Metals

David Tomlinson
Teck – Management

Navid Abaeian is a Mineral processing Engineer EIT at Westpro Machinery Inc Based in Vancouver BC. He was born in Italy and raised in Iran. He obtained his BSc and MSc in metallurgical engineering from IKIU and the University of Tehran. After his graduation, he has been involved in Iron mineral processing, pelletizing, sintering, steel making and steel forming in Iran and Australia. In 2019, He started his M. Eng in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal. Since then, he has been involved with research, operation, engineering of Iron ore and TiO2 Mineral Processing and related KPI process optimizations in QC, NL and BC. In his current Role, he supports sizing, design and process considerations of Machineries being used in the Mineral processing of various minerals.

Dr. Sima Alidokht is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Memorial University. She also holds an Adjunct Professor position at McGill University. Prior to joining Memorial in 2022, she held various research positions at McGill University, including research associate, postdoctoral researcher, and part-time lecturer. She has conducted collaborative research with universities and government labs in Canada, the US, France, and Taiwan, as well as industrial sectors such as the Canadian Space Agency, Hatch Engineering, and Pratt and Whitney USA and Canada. Dr. Alidokht’s expertise lies in designing and developing tribological coatings and exploring the process-structure-property relationships in these materials. She has published over 65 journal papers, book chapters, and conference presentations.

Aya Benotmane is a junior Engineer-in-Training at Hatch’s Climate Change business practice. She holds a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Advanced Water Technologies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. She has extensive cross-disciplinary team experience working with global mining and metals clients. Experienced in process engineering, carbon accounting, decarbonization technology evaluation, and developing decarbonization road maps. She is dedicated to improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability of clients through the development and execution of innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Konstantina Chalastara holds a Ph.D. in mining and materials engineering from McGill University and an engineering diploma in mining and metallurgical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece with excellent academic and research record. Dr Chalastara is currently a process engineer in hydrometallurgy at Hatch Ltd.

Konstantina is a champion for environmental sustainability and promoter of early STEM education. During her studies she worked on crystallization of TiO2 nanoparticles in a CSTR, synthesis and characterization of nano-iron particles, and water decontamination with a focus on selenium, arsenic, and chromium.

As a member of the emerging professionals 2023 cohort, she aims to expand her knowledge and broaden her network by collaborating with other EPs, in industry and academia.

Maéva is a Junior Process Metallurgist in the Pyrometallurgy group at Hatch where she focuses on decarbonization solutions for the metals industry. She is a recent graduate from McGill University with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering.

Since completing her studies and joining Hatch, Maéva’s various project work has made her more aware of the challenges faced by the metals industry to decarbonize, motivating her to become part of the solution. As a young professional in pyrometallurgy, she strongly believes that overcoming these challenges requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach.

Graduated with a B. Eng. in chemical engineering at McGill in 2020, I started my career at Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium’s Technology and Critical Minerals Center in the TiO2 Group. As a research engineer, I had the opportunity to participate in the commissioning a pilot plant for the extraction of scandium oxide, provide support at our UGS slag leaching plant, perform a life cycle assessment of all RTIT products, simulate METSIM models of novel TiO2 pigment production technologies and of our new BlueSmeltingTM process. As a young professional, I look forward to joining Metsoc’s EP program to exchange with other engineers and scientists to further develop my knowledge and skills on the extraction of minerals and metals.

Hi! I am Takshi, a young engineer with 2 years of exciting work experience at Hatch. I have had the privilege to work on many breakthrough new technologies in the ironmaking space with an amazing team and collaborative clients. As a young professional, I am looking forward to developing meaningful connections with industry leaders and my peers and potentially working together on new projects in the future.

Candice Simms is a Junior Metallurgist at Jetti Resources. Her role is primarily managing testwork of Jetti’s chalcopyrite leaching technology on ore from around the world. She also works on innovation projects within the company,

In 2022, Candice completed a B.A.Sc. in Materials Engineering at UBC. She completed two capstone projects that were focused on copper hydrometallurgy which facilitated her interest in the field. Previously, Candice worked as a mineral processing co-op student at Red Chris Mine. She was recognized for her excellence and dedication in mineral processing by receiving the 2021 CMP BC-Yukon Mineral Processing Scholarship.

Beyond her professional interests, she spends her time hiking, climbing, paddling, and biking. Candice looks forward to both her outdoor adventures and an adventurous career in mining and hydrometallurgy.

Hello Team, my name is Ashok Srinivasan (Ash), I am currently working as Manager Technical Sales Support for Metso. Metso is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies providing end – end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally. I am based in Montreal, Quebec. In all my years of experience, I have gained most of my knowledge facing daily challenges, continuous learning and believing in my core values. I enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. I always mention to my friends and colleagues, in a time where the only constant is change and the business demands for more, its important to be adaptable and learn to follow our core values.

Matthew is an Engineer-in-Training in Hatch’s Climate Change Practice. In his role, Matthew partners with global extractive resource companies to advance strategies to achieve their decarbonization goals. He has broad experience across various aspects of developing climate change strategy including calculating emissions inventories, conducting climate-related risk analysis, and identifying and quantifying greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Western University and an Honours of Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business. Matthew was the recipient of the Engineers Canada Gold Medal Student Award in 2021 for his contributions during university to the engineering community. His professional goal is to aid heavy-emitting industries in decarbonizing and shifting towards the low-carbon economy.