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CrossTalk #3

11 mai 2022


11 mai 2022

Ce contenu est disponible en anglais seulement. As sustainability becomes an increasingly critical issue, the importance of light metal recycling continues to increase. Come and learn about this intersection between metallurgy, sustainability, and industrial requirements.

Is there a career there for you?

In this discussion, we’ll hear from three major players in the aluminum recycling industry. Learn what skills are required to prosper in this industry and participate in an informal discussion afterward.


This session took place on May 11, 2022

Watch the video recording of the panel discussion on our YouTube channel.


Danielle Coudé – Chantier Valorisation et recyclage, Coordinator, AluQuébec
Martin Hartlieb – President, Viami International
Francis Breton – Principal Advisor VAP, Aluminium Technology Solutions, Rio Tinto


  • Personal: what it takes to succeed in this industry (education, skills, gaps)
  • Sector: What career paths are available in this sector (how large, what industries served, emerging sectors) Employment-related (what employers, jobs)
  • Technologies: What categories of technologies are used in the industry (computer/automation/chemical/material)


  • Anyone interested in aluminum recycling or making a career in the light metals industry
  • Undergrads
  • Recent graduates
  • People looking to change career paths

The panel discussion will involve invited speakers who will have an open conversation with attendees about the industry, competition, challenges, etc.


  • What’s it like to work in the recycling industry
  • How products are recycled and brought to market
  • Industry trends
  • What skills will help you to succeed in this industry


Danielle Coudé

Danielle studied in education in Regina, Saskatchewan and graduated from Laval University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Visual Arts. Early in her career, she worked for Bell
Canada, until she bought and administrated one of the first franchises of the company. In 2004, she joined the metallurgy field as a project manager for the Aluminum Valley Society (SVA), in Saguenay Lac-St-Jean. She became the director of the metallurgical cluster of Montérégie as her family moved to the south shore of Montréal in 2008. She soon shifted toward private companies as a senior trader; buying scrap metallic residues in Quebec scrap yards and developing markets for secondary aluminium products in Ontario, the USA, and Quebec. She enriched her network through scrap yards and aluminium foundries until 2019 when she joined the AluQuébec aluminium cluster. Danielle is now in charge of coordinating two workgroups: the specialized suppliers of aluminum smelters and the valorization and recycling of aluminum. Her actual challenges are to promote the expertise of our smelter-specialized suppliers and manufacturers and to foster the emergence of circular economy loops in the aluminium value chain.

Martin Hartlieb

After his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), Martin started his career in 1995 in Germany and then in Spain at Behr GmbH & Co KG (heat exchangers, engine cooling, HVAC). In 2000 he joined Alcan Inc. first in Markt Schwaben (Germany), where he was in charge of sales and engineering of their Engineered Shaped Products Division. In 2003 he was transferred to Montreal (Canada) to take over the global market development for Alcan (later Rio Tinto Alcan – RTA), where he conducted market studies, launched new alloys, products and process technologies, and developed new international markets. He subsequently also held positions in Marketing and Product Management at RTA. During this time he became a recognized aluminum (and especially foundry/die casting) industry expert and speaker at many conferences and seminars around the globe.

Since 2012 he is president of Viami International Inc., where he works with a number of different producers of aluminum alloys, products, and process technologies in developing (international) markets, launching new products and process technologies, etc. He also offers consulting and training in sourcing aluminum, equipment, and technologies as well as process improvement.

Francis Breton

Francis Breton earned his Bachelors in Materials Engineering from Laval University and has worked at Rio Tinto in various areas since 2011. Starting as a Process Engineer at Rio Tinto Beauharnois Works which specializes in foundry alloys he then became a Research engineer at Rio Tinto Arvida Research and Development Centre. He specialized in the molten metal treatment and foundry alloys with a focus on molten aluminium cleanliness (degassing, fluxing, filtration). Since 2019, he has been a principal advisor at Rio Tinto for Value Added Products. This role consists of adapting and developing new alloy solutions to meet new requirements for customer processes and performance. Other areas of interest include Aluminium foundry alloys and seeking low CO2 solutions in aluminium recycling.


Cette session est organisée par les professionnels émergents de la section Métaux légers du Metsoc.

  • Jessica Hiscocks, Kingston Process Metallurgy
  • Abdallah Elsayed, University of Guelph
  • Michael Benoit, The University of British Columbia

Remerciements particuliers à :

  • Sumanth Shankar, Light Metals Chair
  • Georges Houlachi, Membership Services Chair