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Value Chain Series - Gold

6-7 décembre 2023



6-7 décembre 2023



From Mine to Money- What Investors Need to Know about Gold

Cette série offre une expérience d’apprentissage que d’autres n’offrent pas : une expertise mondiale dans un format neutre et non promotionnel.

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December 6 & 7, 2023
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Eastern

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Presented by the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM (MetSoc) and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), the webinar workshop series explores the value chain of a single commodity. The audience will learn from experts in their fields about critical issues needed to navigate the metals markets. The inaugural webinar will be on gold: at the intersection of deposit, technology, and the markets. Crux Investor will facilitate the webinar.


Boyd Davis – Series coordinator, Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc., MetSoc of CIM
Matthew Gordon – Facilitator, Crux Investors
Chris Twigge-Molecey – Sponsorship

Audience cible

This webinar is intended for investors or industry participants interested in learning more about gold.

Overall message

Gold is an ancient commodity and has served to anchor commerce from the early days of history. The markets, deposits, and processing methods are both simple and complex. Its value as an inflation hedge and use in niche industry applications, including luxury items, makes it a difficult metal to understand. There are major gold districts in the world, but gold can be found in many geological formations, leading to the promise that anywhere could be the next major strike.

This nature of the metal as simple and complex can echo through many of the talks, reinforcing that a sound understanding of both the markets and mining is needed to succeed in gold investing.


Mary Ann Crichton, Hatch – Business (Day 1) Lead

John Reade, WGC

Kerry Smith, Senior Mining Analyst, Haywood Securities

Lisa Davis, CEO, PearTree Canada Financial

Lisa Davis Biography
With extensive advisory and business experience in the investment industry, focused on corporate finance to fund mineral exploration and development projects, Lisa oversees PearTree’s strategic direction. Lisa possesses an in-depth knowledge of securities regulation gained while on secondment to the OSC and as General Counsel for a specialized investment fund business. In private practice, Lisa specialized in corporate and securities law. She was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1986, and has earned her ICD.D designation. Lisa is a member of the Association de L’Éxploration Minière du Quebec, Women in Mining, Women in Capital Markets, and the Finance & Taxation Committee and the Securities Committee of PDAC.

Louise Grondin, Former Sr Vice President -Environment and Sustainability Agnico Eagle

Sunil Kumar, Principal, Ensky Consulting, Former VP Energy, Strategy + Engineering, Kinross Gold

Chantelle Schieven, Research Head, Capitalight Research Inc.

Murray Pearson, Hatch – Technical (Day 2) Lead

Roy Slack, Cementation

Chris Fleming, SGS

Noelene Ahern, SGS Natural Resources

Vicken Aprahamian, Canadian Mint

Peter Lind, Eldorado Gold

Rafael Dávila, Hatch

Calendrier et thèmes

  • Physical Markets and projections
  • Gold as an asset and Futures markets
  • Evaluating Gold Stocks and red flags
  • Buying Gold. Standards and Good Delivery lists
  • Unique Environmental and ESG concerns
  • Geology, exploration, mining
  • Primary processing, By-product and Recycling
  • And more!

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