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Prix du meilleur article sur les métaux légers

Le prix a été créé et est géré par la Section des Métaux légers Le comité de la Section procède à un vote et sélectionne le meilleur article à partir des délibérations de la Conférence des métallurgistes de l’année précédente.

Ce prix n’est pas ouvert aux nominations du public.
Le prix est administré par le comité de la section Métaux légers de MetSoc.

Lauréats 2022

Natural Ageing of Al-Fe (Zn, Mg) Alloy Castings for Structural Automotive Application
Authors: Chimaobi Orji, Anthony Lombardi, Glenn Byczynski, Mohamed Hamed and Sumanth Shankar

COM 2022, Light Metals symposium, « Light Metals for the Transportation Industry » (ID# COM 22191).


Novel Al–Fe-based eutectic alloys with Zn and Mg as precipitation strengtheners were used in the manufacturing of test plates using high-vacuum high-pressure die casting to evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing structural automotive components with a higher strength to weight ratio than the present. Natural ageing at room temperature is a typical behaviour of this new alloy due to the continuous precipitation reactions of the Zn and Mg atoms dissolved in the primary solid Al phase in the microstructure. The sequential stages of precipitation include the formation of self-clusters of atoms, dissolution of self-clusters, formation of GP-I zones, dissolution of GP-I zones, formation of GP-II zones and stabilization of GP-II zones; all these stages distinctly affect the tensile properties. Uniaxial tensile tests of castings coupled with the differential scanning calorimetry experiments were carried out to elaborate the mechanisms of natural ageing in these alloys. The results show that the elongation of the castings is unaffected during natural ageing and the strength increases to its double, with time, before stabilization. The properties of as-cast and stabilized state were significantly improved when compared to

the contemporary Al–Si–Mg alloy such as the Aural 5.

Lauréats 2022

Authors: J. Hierlihy, I. W. Donaldson, M. Brochu, G. A. W. Sweet and D. P. Bishop.

COM 2021 Light Metal Symposia, “Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Light Metals” and “Light Metals in Harsh Environments”

Lauréats 2021

The Critical Effect of Powder Attributes on the Optimized Parameters and the Tensile Properties in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) of AlSil0Mg Alloy

Authors: P. Wang, A. Salandari-Rabori, Q. Dong and V. Fallah.

Lauréats 2020

Aucun prix pour 2020

Lauréats 2019

“Effect of Alternate Drawing on the Ductility of Drawn Wires for Aluminum Wire Harness” Authors: Chihiro Takuma, Kazunari Yoshida, Tokai University

publié dans Les actes du symposium 2018 de la conférence Materials Science & Technology 2018