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Proceedings of the 62nd Conference of Metallurgists 2023 – PDF

Topics include:

  • The Laplante-Laskowski Symposium on Mineral Processing Fundamentals
  • Derek Kerfoot Memorial Pressure Hydrometallurgy Symposium
  • Wasmund Memorial Symposium of Sustainability in Pyrometallurgy
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
  • Light Metals for Transportation and Next-Generation Vehicles
  • Integration for Better Outcomes

Proceedings of the 61st Conference of Metallurgists 2022 – PDF

Topics include:

  • Processing of Critical Materials
  • Towards Sustainable Circularity: Mining to Materials
  • Deep Decarbonization Pathways for Pyrometallurgical Processes: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Energy and Environmental Materials
  • Light Metals for the Transportation Industry
  • Advances in Materials Manufacturing VI – Existing and Emerging Materials
  • Electrochemical Degradation of Multi-component Materials  

Proceedings of the 60th Conference of Metallurgists 2021 – PDF

Topics include:

• Advances in Mineral Processing: Challenges and Opportunities
• Challenges of Industry 4.0: sensors, control, automation and the use of digital information
• Chloride Metallurgy
• WALSIM IX: Water, Air, and Land Sustainability Issues in Mining and Metal Extraction
• Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Light Metals
• Advances in Materials Manufacturing V – Dr. Xinjin Cao Memorial Symposium
• Corrosion and Environmental Degradation of Materials
• Light Metals for Harsh Environments

Proceedings of the 59th Conference of Metallurgists 2020 – PDF

Topics include:
• Light Metal Technologies – Applications for the Transportation Industry
• Manufacturing Involving Rapid Solidification
• Advances in Materials Manufacturing IV – Dr. Jason Lo Memorial Symposium
• Corrosion and Degradation • Accelerated Material Design (ICME) in Structural and Energy Materials
• Towards Sustainable Energy Practices in Metal Processing
• Third Novennial Symposium on New Technology Implementation
• Rodney Jones Honorary Symposium on Chromite Processing
• Processing of Critical Materials

Proceedings of the 4th International Uranium Conference U2020 – PDF

Topics include: • Uranium geology (exploration techniques, geochemistry, ore deposits & mineralogy)
• Uranium production (uranium mining technologies and methodologies, heap & stope leaching)
• Uranium mining & milling waste management (decommissioning, remediation & long-term monitoring, tailings & waste rock management)
• Practices for respectful conversations about nuclear technology
• Uranium, thorium and other nuclear fuels: processing, refining and conversion
• CO2 emissions, environmental protection & regulatory issues
• Business and economic aspects of uranium extraction & utilization
Edited by Rashid Bashir

Copper Hydrometallurgy Principles and Practice

Professor Ed Asselin inspired this book to disseminate expert knowledge and insights about the field of copper hydrometallurgy. This book provides examples of meeting challenges effectively and applying established, front-line and practical wisdom. It’s as if the reader had a sit down conversation with the author.

The book begins with an overview of the thermodynamics of leaching. Choosing thermodynamic data wisely is considered and finding out what is possible with those data. Arguably, the key step in hydrometallurgy is leaching. The following chapters deal with leaching in detail, including kinetics, heap leaching, concentrate leaching, and bioleaching. Solvent extraction follows leaching in practice and is developed next with a focus on practical considerations. The following chapter discusses metal production by electrowinning and purification by electrorefining. Lastly, applications of ion exchange are considered versatile methods to solve a variety of purification problems in copper hydrometallurgy.

Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting the International Copper Conference 2019 – USB Key

Topics include:
Cu-Downstream Fabrication and Applications
Cu-Electrowinning and Electrorefining
Cu-Health and Safety in Operations
Cu-Mineral Processing
Cu-Process Control, Optimization, and Instrumentation
Cu-Pyrometallurgy (The Phillip Mackey Symposium)
Cu-Sustainability and Waste Management

CMQ Journal

The Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly

Devoted to the science, practice and technology of metallurgy, this journal provides a forum for the discussion and presentation of both basic and applied research developments in the area of metallurgy and materials. Visit the website to subscribe and see content available.