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North American Extractive Metallurgy Council


We, at MetSoc of CIM, TMS, and SME, are striving to find ways to improve our programming in extractive metallurgy to our members.


NAEMC Representatives

The following extractive groups of MetSoc of CIM, TMS, and SME have joined to form NAEMC (North American Extractive Metallurgy Council). The representatives are:

The current members of NAEMC

MetSoc representatives:

SME representatives:

TMS representatives:

North American Extractive Metallurgy Council Charter

20 October 2009
Rev. 2019


To improve communications and strengthen collaboration between extractive metallurgy members of TMS, SME, and MetSoc.


Meeting minutes can be shared with the appropriate leadership of each society.


This council may discuss joint conferences, programming, training, awards, outreach, etc. Any decisions are not binding to the three societies.


Periodic conference calls and emails between committee members with face-to-face or phone call meetings at least annually.


Each meeting is chaired by a representative of a different society. The chair is responsible for setting up the meeting, preparing the agenda, taking minutes, and submitting minutes in a timely fashion to the team for approval. A google group is set up to store files.


Total of 9, 3 from each society. Leaders of the council will typically be the chair of TMS-EPD, chair of SME-MPD, and the president of MetSoc, though each society may designate their leader along with their members.


Incidental expenses for the face-to-face meeting will be paid from the budgets of the three societies. NAEMC does not anticipate raising or soliciting additional funds.


The three society boards have given overall approval to this council. Specific changes to this charter need only to be approved by the members of this council.