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MetSoc Awards

The call for nominations is closed for 2024.

THE CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR IS OPEN for 2024. The deadline has been extended to February 29, 2024

MetSoc Awards

These awards are administered by MetSoc head office administrators and by MetSoc technical sections.

MetSoc Airey Award

(Lifetime recognition)

MetSoc Research Excellence Award

(Lifetime recognition)

MetSoc Brimacombe Award

(Early-career recognition)

MetSoc Sustainability Award

(Sustainability recognition)

MetSoc Innovation Award

(Group recognition)

MetSoc Distinguished Materials Scientist Award

(Materials engineer recognition)

Metsoc Engineer In Materials Innovation Award

(Industrial application recognition)

MetSoc Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award

(Hydrometallurgy recognition)

Special Awards

These awards are not open to general nominations.
These awards are administered by MetSoc head office administrators and/or by a technical section.

MetSoc Silver Medal

(Lifetime recognition)

MetSoc Light Metals Best Paper Award

MetSoc Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award

Named Symposium Award (In honor of)


MetSoc and its technical sections provide over $30,000 in scholarships and student awards.

Metsoc 2024 Awards Committee

2024 Awards Chair

Julie Lévesque

Centre de métallurgie du Québec


Voting Process

After ensuring that all conditions of the award have been satisfied and that the procedures were followed, the Awards Chair forwards the nomination and its supporting documentation to the MetSoc Awards Committee.


1. The awards committee will review the submissions and prepare a short list of candidates for each award.

2. A teleconference will be held and, if required, prepare a list of questions to be sent back to the original nominators via the selected person from the secretariat. Ie. a person must fill out further endorsements or letters attached.

3. Before voting takes place the awards committee discusses the various short-listed nominees and answers to any questions.

4. The nominations are then put to a vote by ballot will of the committee. The ballot must include a “no award” option.