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Current Award Recipients

MetSoc of CIM has an important role in celebrating the incredible accomplishments and contributions of our members in the fields of metallurgy and materials sciences. We believe it’s crucial to recognize and honour those who have excelled in their work. We hope these awards inspire others to aim for excellence!

2023 Award Recipients
Recognition Of Excellence

We would like to congratulate all of our MetSoc award recipients for their outstanding contributions to the profession and industry and setting the highest standards for students and future members of our society.

MetSoc Airey Award

MetSoc Airey Award

Hani Henein

University of Alberta

Sponsored by XPS, Expert Process Solutions

Metsoc Research Excellence Award

MetSoc Research Excellence Award

Priti Wanjara

National Research Council of Canada

Sponsored by Rio Tinto

MetSoc Brimacombe Award

MetSoc Brimacombe Award

Yu Zou

University of Toronto

Current Award Recipients

MetSoc Sustainability Award

David Kratochvil

BQE Water

Sponsored by Teck

BQE Water Inc

MetSoc Innovation Award

BQE Water

Sponsored by Hatch

MetSoc Distinguished Materials Scientist Award

Distinguished Materials Scientist Award

Warren Poole

University of British Columbia

Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award

MetSoc Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award

Edouard Asselin

The University of British Columbia

MetSoc Silver Medal Award

MetSoc Silver Medal

Roderick Guthrie

McGill University

MetSoc Best Paper Awards

Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award

Using Hydrogen as a Reductant in Fire Refining at Aurubis Hamburg’s “Down-town” Smelter

Authors: Torben Edens and Johann Steindor

Light Metals Best Paper Award

Natural Ageing of Al-Fe (Zn, Mg) Alloy Castings for Structural Automotive

Authors: Chimaobi Orji, Anthony Lombardi, Glenn Byczynski, Mohamed Hamed and Sumanth Shankar

MetSoc Scholarships

Metsoc Doctoral Scholarship Award

MetSoc Doctoral Scholarship

Bernoulli Andilab

Toronto Metropolitan University

MetSoc Master’s Scholarship Award

MetSoc Master’s Scholarship

Arik Collins

Queen's University

MetSoc Undergraduate Scholarship

MetSoc Undergraduate Scholarship

Mary England

McMaster University

Sustainability Scholarship

Shaihroz Khan

University of Toronto

Pyrometallurgy Student Award

Angshuman Podder

McMaster University

Hydrometallurgy Gordon M. Ritcey Ph.D. Award

Guillermo Alvial-Hein

Queen's University

Hydrometallurgy Ernest Peters Master's Award

Philip Gamboa

McGill University

Hydrometallurgy John E. Dutrizac Undergraduate Scholarship

William Slaney

Memorial University

Hydrometallurgy Fathi Habashi Undergraduate Scholarship

Jilai Zhang

University of Toronto

Hydrometallurgy Lucy Rosato Undergraduate Scholarship

Jessica Rudd

Laurentian University