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CrossTalk - Heavy Conversations About Light Metals

CrossTalk is a series of panel discussions with experts in the industry providing technical and professional development advice revolving around light metals.

Overall Goal

Inform students about working in the light metals industry

Want to learn more about the inspiration behind CrossTalk, read this interview with the organizers.

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are available.

Recent Events

CrossTalk #4

December 2nd, 2022

CrossTalk #3

May 11, 2022

CrossTalk #2

January 26, 2022

CrossTalk #1

September 22, 2021


This session is organized by the Emerging Professionals from the Metsoc Light Metals section.

Jessica Hiscocks, Kingston Process Metallurgy

Abdallah Elsayed, University of Guelph

Michael Benoit, The University of British Columbia

Special thanks to:

Sumanth Shankar, Light Metals Chair,

Julie Lévesque, Past Light Metals Chair

Georges Houlachi, Membership Services Chair