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CrossTalk #1

September 22, 2021

Canada is the fourth-largest producer of aluminum worldwide and feeds industries from aerospace to automotive to renewable energy.

Is there a career there for you?

In these discussions, you will hear from experts at different career stages in the North American aluminum casting industry about current challenges and new opportunities. Learn about the skills and experiences that will help you thrive in the industry.

CrossTalk #1

Date: September 22, 2021

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Goal: Inform You About Working in Aluminum Casting

  • Person: what it takes (education, skills, gaps)
  • Sector: What career paths are available in the casting industry sectors (how large, what industries served, emerging sectors) Employment-related (what employers, jobs)
  • Technologies: What categories of technologies are used in the casting industry (computer/automation/chemical/material)

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in aluminum casting or making a career in the aluminum industry
  • Undergrads
  • Recent graduates
  • People looking to change career paths

The panel discussion will involve invited speakers who will have an open conversation with attendees about the casting industry, competition, challenges, etc.

Panel Topics Covered

Status of the aluminum casting market:

  • The aluminum market sector
  • Aluminum production
  • Market development/expansion
  • # of jobs
  • Hubs of aluminum production


  • Corey Vian-Stellantis
    Corey is the Manufacturing Engineering Manager – Die Casting Tool and Process and Additive Manufacturing at Stellantis for the past three years and was previously Engineering Group Lead-Fiat Chrysler Automotive for three years. For the past eight years, Corey has been a committee member with the North American Die Casting Association, giving him a unique opportunity to help shape the future of the industry. As a member, Corey represents FCA US and works with other industry representatives in such areas as research, innovation, developing tooling materials, reducing costs, improving processes, equipment design, and other areas. Corey completed his B.S and M.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University and also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Essentials from Ball State University.
  • Robert MacKay-Nemak Canada Corporation
    Dr. Robert Mackay is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario who has been working at Nemak for 20 years and currently holds the position of Principal Metallurgist. Robert has been a board member and officer in the Detroit-Windsor Chapter of the American Foundry Society for nearly 16 years, three of which as Chairman of the Chapter. Robert was also previously an Adjunct Professor at the University of Windsor for 8 years and has authored or co-authored nearly 70 peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and one textbook. Robert has a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the University of Windsor, M.Eng. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from McGill University, M.Sc. degree in Geophysics from Memorial University and a B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Prince Edward Island.
  • François Racine-AluQuébec
    Francois is the Chief Executive Officer of AluQuébec, the Quebec Aluminum industrial cluster that brings together OEMs, producers, processors and R&D. Francois was previously at Alcoa innovation for 9 years under many different roles including most recently as president. Francois has an MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke and an bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Université de Montréal.



This session is organized by the Emerging Professionals from the Metsoc Light Metals section.

  • Jessica Hiscocks, Kingston Process Metallurgy
  • Abdallah Elsayed, University of Guelph
  • Michael Benoit, The University of British Columbia

Special thanks to:

  • Sumanth Shankar, Light Metals Chair
  • Julie Lévesque, Past Light Metals Chair
  • Georges Houlachi, Membership Services Chair