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The 35th Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC 2024)

May 22-25, 2024

University of Alberta


May 22-25, 2024


University of Alberta

The 35th Canadian Materials Science Conference

The premier gathering of the Canadian metallurgy and materials academic community to present and discuss leading-edge advances in their fields. The annual conference promotes and fosters graduate student research providing a forum to highlight contributions to the profession.


  • Present Discuss Leading Edge Advances
  • Promote Graduate Research
  • Student Poster Awards
  • Workshop Funding Opportunities


  • Advanced Materials for Sustainable Energy and Carbon Management​
  • Hydrogen Challenges in Energy Storage and Oil/Gas Environments
  • Materials and Corrosion Management for a Sustainable Future
  • Nanomaterials Advancing the Hydrogen Economy
  • Critical Metals: Powering Clean Energy Transitions
  • Operando Materials Characterization for Clean Energy
  • Advances in Rechargeable Metal Batteries
  • Metal-Additive-Manufacturing: Processing, Structure, and Properties


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  • Prof. Jing Liu, Chair
  • Prof. Hani Henein, Co-Chair
  • Prof. James Hogan, Co-organizers
  • Prof. Leijun Li, Co-organizers