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Hydrometallurgy Gordon M. Ritcey Ph.D. Award

2023 Recipient

Guillermo Alvial-Hein, Queen's University

Guillermo is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Hydrometallurgy and Environmental group in the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University, working under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Ghahreman. He graduated with a metallurgical engineering bachelor’s degree from the University of Concepcion, Chile. He has experience in metal recovery projects from primary and secondary resources, including gold, lithium, and copper. His thesis focuses on improving gold recovery from refractory gold ores using a bio-oxidation pretreatment with different types of microorganisms. His research aims to develop a new technological opportunity, promoting the view of a net-zero target in the mining industry. 

2022 — Maryam Pourmahdavi, Laurentian University 

2012 — T. Feldmann, McGill University 

2021 — Konstantina Chalastara, McGill University 

2011 — G. Nazari, University of British Columbia 

2020 — Kevin Turgeon, Laval University 

2010 — I. Perederiy, University of Toronto 

2019 — Yan Zeng, McGill University 

2009 — G. Azimi, University of Toronto 

2018 — Denver Cowan (Queen’s University) 

2008 — F. Xie, University of British Columbia 

2017 — Ajanthia Gunaratnam (UBC) 

2007 — B. Rivera-Vasquez, University of British Columbia 

2016 — A. D. Bas, Laval University 

2006 — J. Vaughan, University of British Columbia 

2015 — A. Burns, University of British Columbia 

2005 — L. Munholand, Sherbrooke University 

2014 — R. Tavakoli, University of British Columbia 

2004 — F. Lagno, McGill University 

2013 — No award 


About Gordon M. Ritcey

Gordon Ritcey (1930-2021) graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1952. Dr. Ritcey has worked with the Radioactivity Division of Department of Mines & Technical Surveys in Ottawa. Afterwards he joined Eldorado Mining & Refining at Port Radium in the North West Territories as Chief Chemist until 1957. During the next ten years from 1957-1967, Dr. Ritcey was Head of Chemical Research at the Eldorado R&D Division in Ottawa. Dr. Ritcey spent the next 21 years at CANMET in Ottawa as Senior Research Scientist and Head of Hydrometallurgy, where numerous separation processes were developed. He then “retired” to become an independent consultant, a role in which he remained active until his mid-eighties.

Dr. Ritcey has published over 150 papers, in addition to a two-volume text on solvent extraction; and an authoritative text on tailings management. Seventeen patents have been granted. Dr. Ritcey has been a technical session chairman of numerous national and international conferences as well as conference chairman of several national conferences . He was President of the Metallurgical Society of CIM (1976-77), and during the period 1986-96 he served as Secretary-General of the International Committee for Solvent Extraction. He was the founding editor of the international journal of Hydrometallurgy (1975), and remained as editor for 19 years.

Dr. Ritcey has received numerous honours, including being the first recipient of the Sherritt Gordon Hydrometallurgy Medal; the Alcan Medal; CIM Silver Medal, the University of Liege (Belgium) Medal; the Mendeleev Medal (Russia) and the Carl Hanson Medal (ISEC).


To be eligible for this award, the candidate must be registered in a Ph.D. program in the field of hydrometallurgy during the entire academic year in a Canadian university.

Applications must include:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s academic transcripts
  2. A summary of the project, including preliminary results, a discussion concerning subsequent project orientation, and a list of prepared publications or conference presentations (2-3 pages maximum)

To encourage graduate studies in the field of hydrometallurgy, the Hydrometallurgy Section offers an award of $5,000 to honour the accomplishments of a Ph.D. graduate student in the field of hydrometallurgy in a Canadian university. In addition to the cash award, we award one free registration for the conference at which we present the award, plus free admission to the social events we sponsor at that conference.

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