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MetSoc Innovation Award

The purpose of the Innovation award is to support the important role of innovation as a fundamental foundation for the development and growth of the Canadian metallurgical and materials industries. The award, sponsored by Hatch, recognizes outstanding innovation in the industry, specifically innovations that are implemented and practiced commercially and to which a company or group of individuals are the prime contributors.

THE CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR IS OPEN for 2024. The deadline has been extended to February 29, 2024.

This award is supported by:

BQE Water Inc

2023 Recipient

BQE Water

Citation: In recognition of BQE Water’s Selen-IX™ technology enabling mining companies to remove selenium from wastewater.

2023 – BQE Water

2022 – Jetti Resources 

2010 – No award 

1999 – Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics (The F*A*C*T Computational System) 

2021 – Fonderie Horne- Noranda Continuous Converter 

2009 – Shrouded Tuyere Slag-Make Converting Process (Air Liquide and Xstrata Nickel) 

1998 – Noranda Inc. (The Gaspe Puncher) 

2019 – Hot Cure Process (Barrick technology) 

2008 – No Award 

1997 – Inco Limited (The Oxygen Flash Smelting Process) 

2018 – Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo (AU-E) non-destructive testing (NDT) technique developed in Canada by Dr. Sadri and the Hatch NDT team 

2007 – McGill Gas Dispersion Sensor Technology 

1996 – No award 

2017 – Advanced KIVCET™ Technology with Continuous Drossing and Slag Fuming, developed by Teck 

2006 – Inco Ltd. (SO2/Air Cyanide Destruction Process) 

1995 – Timminco Metals and L.M. Pidgeon (The Pidgeon Magnesium Process) 

2016 – Calcium Thiosulphate Leaching of Gold Process (Barrick Gold) 

2005 – Eco-Tec (Acid Purification Unit) 

1994 – Hatch Associates Limited (Solid Copper Cooling Systems for Furnace Refractory Protection) 

2015 – SART Process(developed by Lakefield Research Ltd) 

2004 – Dynatec 

1993 – Noranda Minerals Inc. (Noranda Process) 

2014 – No Winner 

2003 – CEZinc (Jarofix Process) 

1992 – Sherritt Gordon Limited (Zinc Pressure Leach Process) 

2013 – Liquid Metal Cleanliness Analyzer system (MMPC, Rio Tinto Alcan and ABB) 

2002 – QIT-Fer et Titane 

1991 – G. Savard and R. Lee (Annular Tuyere) 

2012 – Hatch Autoclave Technology Group 

2001 – No Award 

1990 – Inco Limited (Pressure Carbonyl Process) 

2011 – No award 

2000 – Kidd Metallurgy Division of Falconbridge Ltd. (Kidd Process Technology) 

1989 – Stelco Inc. (Stelco Coilbox) 


The innovation to be rewarded should have been successfully adapted in a commercial scale operation.  Recognizing the long lead-time to industrial acceptance of an innovation, a 15-year maximum duration from first demonstration should be used as a guideline.  The contributions and impact must be to the benefit of Canada.

MetSoc Innovation Award
  1. Fill in the contribution box – a summary of why this person is being nominated (see item 3) with any information that is not included in the CV.
  2. Fill in the citation – in 15 words, what this person is being recognized for.
  3. Upload either a concise CV of the nominee or in the case of a process, a recent paper, relevant to the process being nominated. Nominators should consider approaching nominees themselves to request the CV. In the case of a process, the recent paper is likely already available. The CV should contain the following information:
  • Major contributions relevant to the award
  • A record of at least five relevant patents and papers authored by the nominee plus a count of other patents and papers.
  • One letter of support from either the users of the technology or an expert of the field

General Policies

  • A nominator can put forward only one candidate up for nomination in each award category (as of 2020). 
  • No Member of the Executive Board shall be nominated while in office. The nomination will be held until the term on the executive board is expired.
  • Each award shall be made from time to time as circumstances warrant with no more than one award recipient per year.
  • The nominators are responsible for verifying that all conditions of the award have been satisfied and all procedures were properly followed in making the nomination.
  • All nominations will stand for three years.
  • The adjudication of the award shall be made by the MetSoc Awards Committee of The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM.
  • The award shall be presented at the Awards Banquet of the Conference of Metallurgists.
  • Posthumous awards will be allowed only if the candidate has already been shortlisted.
  • Self nominations are permitted for the innovation award (you are permitted to submit an innovation of your company).


The award nomination program is closed for 2024.