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MetSoc Silver Medal Award

The Silver Medal, which was initiated in 1986, is awarded to individuals who have built, sustained and developed the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM into the present strong, internationally renowned organization.

MetSoc Silver Medal Award

2023 Recipient

Roderick Guthrie

McGill University

Citation: In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of metallurgy and steel making, his role on the executive of MetSoc and his leadership in training metallurgy professionals who have for decades made a strong contribution to MetSoc.

Contributions to the Metallurgical Society of CIM.

Roderick I.L. Guthrie is McGill’s Macdonald Professor of Metallurgy and Director of the McGill Metals Processing Centre. He is recognized internationally for his outstanding research and development activities in Process Metallurgy. He has made pioneering contributions with ground-breaking inventions in liquid metal processing and quality, including major strip casting initiatives. He has published three academic textbooks, authored, or co-authored, more than 500 publications while training more than 200 researchers for industry and academia over the past fifty-odd years.

He was President of the Metallurgical Society of CIM in 1994. Together with TMS President, Professor J. K. Brimacombe, they spearheaded the formation of joint Student Chapters between MetSoc-CIM and the TMS. He was previously a founding member of the Iron and Steel Section of MetSoc in 1970, together with Professor Alan Kay and Peter Stubbs (Dofasco), and serving as Chairman between 1981-83. He also became a founding member, together with Engin Ozberk (Cameco), and Don Macmillan (ALCAN), of the Light Metals Section of MetSoc. That section was established in 1988 in recognition of Canada’s, and particularly Quebec’s, leading roles in the global production of aluminium and other light metals. Since 2013, when Dr M. Isac, became Chair of the Light Metals Section of MetSoc, she initiated the long-running series of successful Symposia on “Light Metals for Transportation”, where Dr Guthrie acted as a co-Chair. Most recently, at the request of the MetSoc Board, and recognising his intimate knowledge of Extractive Metallurgy, particularly of steelmaking and aluminium extraction techniques, he was one of four Past-Presidents invited to express their views on the Global Climate Change Imperatives. During this introductory Plenary Session, chaired by Dr J. Zinck, 1st V-P, he addressed possible ways and new process routes for de-fossilizing the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Industries, given 2050 is only 27 years away.


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1988 – M. Rigaud 

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1987 – N.G. Thomas 



1986 – J.M. Toguri 




The Silver Medal is to recognize individuals who have contributed effectively over a long period, to the growth of MetSoc.  The nomination(s) for, and award of, the Silver Medal is the responsibility of the Past President and is not open to general nominations from the membership at large. Balloting is by all Past Presidents. 

There is no cash prize for this award.

MetSoc Silver Medal Award


The award nomination program is closed for 2023.